Gold : CA$3,327.57 +13.18
Silver : CA$42.19 +0.21
Platinum : CA$1,366.09 -2.07

Shipping Policy

Merchantman and Sons will dispatch your order from Vancouver, Canada within two (2) business days.

Canadian customers will be able to select standard shipping ($5.95 4-10 days) or express shipping ($19.95 2-3 days) options, offered by Canada Post. If you are based in Vancouver and would like to get your order as soon as possible, we encourage you to contact us at 1-888-512-3558 or to arrange for a delivery or pick-up option that is more tailored to your needs.

United States customers will be able to select standard shipping ($9.95 4-10 days) or express shipping ($19.95 2-3 days) options, offered by the USPS.

For other international customers, we do not currently offer online checkout for your region. If you would like to purchase an item from us, please contact us at 1-888-512-3558 or to place an order and we will be able to work out a more tailored shipping option that's right for you.

If your purchase triggers our review process (i.e. new customers making large amounts of purchases or when the Shopify fraud analysis indicates your purchase is high risk) we will contact you to make sure your purchase is legal and authentic. We will make every possible effort to dispatch your order, as soon as we have verified your information. However, please note that a delay in your response to our verification process could potentially lead to a delay in our expected dispatch time. 

Merchantman and Sons reserve the right to cancel your order if we are unable to verify the authenticity of your purchase or if we believe that there's a high chance that your purchase may be related to illegal activities.

Once your order has been shipped and the courier indicated that the parcel has been successfully delivered, Merchantman & Sons is no longer responsible for the parcel and we will make no arrangements to replace/refund the order. Please contact the responsible courier for assistance and support.   

Shipping policy and pricing are subject to change without notice


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